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Supplying guideline of all issues related to agency, forwarding services.

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We offer a full range of high-quality services in the field of transport forwarding, logistics, documentary support, customs clearance of foreign trade cargo and ship agency service.

Forwarding services

Offering high-quality service in shipping agency of all types of the vessels and strictly following given obligations, we are able to fulfill the requirements of any client operating in today’s market conditions.


WTSL’s fumigation treatment is a simple, cost effective method of eradicating pest insects in bulk commodities. Fumigation eradicates all life cycle stages of the target insect pest, with all the benefits of being non-tainting and leaving no pesticide residue. 


You can contact us regarding issues related to agent and forwarding services and we will be grateful to provide you with:

⁃ Services in the field of port agency;

⁃ Services and formalities concerning inward & outward clearance of the vessels, cargo;

⁃ Current Information of all rules, tariffs, duties, customs that can be useful;

⁃ Assistance in preparation and transfer to Masters of the vessels of all usual vessel documents;

⁃ Preparation of disbursement accounts on every vessel port call with all confirming documents, and all documents related to the vessels, their cargo, passengers and crew;

⁃ Provide Statement of facts for signing, according to the local rules;

⁃ Customs clearance..

⁃ Bills of lading and/or Mate’s receipts;

⁃ Certificates of quality;

⁃ Phytosanitary certificates;

⁃ Veterinary certificates;

⁃ Certificate of origin;

⁃ Cargo manifest;

⁃ Fumigation certificate..

⁃ Fumigation of stored and shipped cargo;

⁃ Insertion of preparation;

⁃ Exposure;

⁃ Degassing;

⁃ Control of Effectiveness;

⁃ Certificate of Fumigation..

We also attract subcontractors as agents to provide forwarding services and issue orders for the shipment of export cargoes.

Why we are?

Safeguard your reputation

We take a dual approach, incorporating both preventative and responsive strategies to enhance protection for your business through a holistic, integrated pest management programme.

Protect your business

We deliver effective fumigation services to protect your business, which covers shipping & cargo, manufacturing, warehousing, milling, agriculture and more.

High quality and expertise

We support best practice procedures and ensure all staff practice these on a daily basis that also cover Health and Safety principles.

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